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at both the Untied Hospital System
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Welcome to Family Foot & Ankle Clinics of WI, LLC, proudly serving southeastern Wisconsin's foot and ankle needs.
In continuing the tradition for the last 75 years, Dr. William Yoder, is providing ongoing medical and surgical needs for the greater Kenosha and Racine area with quality foot & ankle care.

  • Dr. Yoder and his staff are committed to relief and improvement of all foot and ankle disorders, so you can get back to your activities of daily living in a pain free environment. Dr. Yoder has dedicated his life to the treatment of foot and ankle medical problems to ensure that you get the best and current treatment possible. Our staff has extensive experience and training for foot and ankle care. Combing these two aspects of our clinical environment, Family Foot & Ankle Clinics of WI has taken a team approach to your treatment. We feel that this approach provides you with the quality and comfort you deserve.
    Family Foot & Ankle Clinics of WI,


Reasons To Care About Your Feet In Kenosha and Racine, WI

Podiatrists are there to help you with any problems associated with the feet, ankles and lower leg. They are experts in their field and can help treat medical conditions, such as arthritis and diabetes, as well as offer advice for shoes or prescribe an orthotic. Visiting these specialists will ensure that you receive help for arch or heel pain, as well as provide surgical options and more.

At Family Foot & Ankle Clinic of Wisconsin, we believe that your feet are your lifeline. Without them, you cannot walk, balance or move effectively. Because of such, our Dr. William Yoder offers medical and surgical needs for the Racine and Kenosha areas of WI.

The Many Reasons To Seek Podiatry

Podiatrists are there to help you with many things, including:

  • Tips for when you start a new running workout
  • Pain in the feet, heels and ankles
  • Treatment options to reduce pains
  • Surgery needs
  • Diabetic care
  • Help with choosing an orthotic

These doctors are experts and understand the needs of the feet and ankles better than anyone else. They can be doctors and surgeons, depending on your needs and their credentials. Our Dr. Yoder can provide both surgery and regular medical treatments, so you don’t have to get a referral to go somewhere else because he can do it all.

How We Help

We understand the need for podiatry and, as such, focus our care on the lower extremities. Surgeons can help with many severe medical problems, and our specialists can help with all means of podiatry needs, such as arch and heel treatment, arthritis problems and diabetic needs. Diabetics, especially, must take proper care of their feet to ensure they stay healthy and safe.

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